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Korreto sarl Switzerland

Korreto Sarl is a Swiss consulting firm that focuses on recovering international debt and managing credit. We use our experience and rigorous analysis to assist business leaders in attaining practical results with real impact. This means identifying what your business needs, systematically improving credit management procedures and most importantly, bringing the healthy cashflow.

We want our clients to feel secure in their financial position. This is why we take an instant solid approach to recover debt as the first step to optimize your cashflow. In addition to debt recovery, we provide consulting and training services to walk alongside you the entire way.

We have had experience in many different types of cases including international dispute resolution and affairs. Each case had its own unique need for specific specialization. Although we take pride in being able to cater our services to individual case level, we have the same goal for all our cases: helping our clients succeed in their financial endeavours.

We only win when you win.

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